Wines of Spain is a newly created company that has managed to combine two ideas that are fundamental for us: – Enterpreneurship. – Tradition and good work of Spanish viticulture. The business career of Wines of Spain feeds fundamentally all the experience of the Group of wineries that produce our excellent wines in different appellations of origin (Rioja, Ribera del Duero and La Mancha). Combining this experience with the force that gives the conviction we have a unequivocally good product, we must unveil it to the whole world. And this is the precise enterpreneurship that try to enforce Wines of Spain. On the one hand, we have selected the best soils. The “terroirs” (native land), that much-touted word currently but crucial when it comes to making great wines, aquires at the Wines of Spain proyect a fundamental importance. In the words of Claude Bourguignon, the terroir is the weather, the topography, the geology and the soil, that the winegrower could work, intervening in wine quality. But if the terroir is not of excellent quality, the wine will never be a great wine. In Wines of Spain are well aware that, in order that our wines achieve excellence, we have to start from an excellent quality soil. On the other hand, we have selected the best professionals within the world of viticulture and oenology. The soil must discover and take advantage of effectively and efficiently. The work of professionals that works in Wines of Spain has managed to achieve, from great terroirs, excellent wines, thus taking advantage of the potential existing in Spain. The basis on which Wines of Spain is structured is, therefore, the more solid basis on which to build a project of this nature. The best terroirs, the best professionals, the best product. As a result only one thing, the best wine. The wine of Wines of Spain.